I provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in complete privacy and without judgment.

Our first contact will probably be by telephone, when you call me.  When we speak, I will want to hear what you are seeking help for and, if appropriate, schedule a first meeting.  All you need to bring to our first meeting is yourself and your insurance information.

We will meet for 45 minutes to meet one another, for me to hear your story of what is happening in your life, and for each of us to assess if we might work well together.  Usually, I meet with my patients for two or three sessions before I am able to give recommendations for treatment. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know how I work and to ask all of your questions.

I may recommend psychotherapy, or psychotherapy combined with a careful trial of a medication.  If you do not wish to consider medications, I support that. I may recommend another therapist, if that clinician is better suited for your needs.  I may order lab studies to rule out medical causes for your symptoms, and I may refer you to other specialists, when indicated.

Our meetings are completely confidential. I never identify my patients to anyone, except the insurance company, if you authorize me to. This is essential for psychotherapy to work effectively.